Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Arizona is Freakin' Hot

You would think that being in this kind of heat in NOVEMBER that I wouldn't want to eat, but I am acquiring a Vaca Booty and we haven't been here that long. I have dinner, lunch, dinner lined up for next week prior to Thanksgiving Day. Seriously - Arizona = food fest. And right now I am listening to vomit rock while Marty makes fajitas, but it is worth the blown eardrums for his fajitas.

This morning I said to Dave, "Did you hear what excellent thing Marty is making for dinner tonight?" He said no and I said, "Me, neither! But I'm sure it will be excellent!" And listening to Marty's cooking narrative I am positive it will be excellent.

But seriously - I miss the cold.

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KJlovesBubba said...

And it's not that it's cold here - mid-50's - but hot is just unacceptable after October, until about April! Enjoy all the food, maybe I can have Lillie okay with staying the the gym daycare and we can work off the holidays together!