Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back In the Saddle Again

After a 12 hour drive home on Friday, I spent 12 hours yesterday on my feet organizing my aunt's new kitchen in her new house. Between the two of those, I am bone tired. The kind of tired where your tibula just wants to relax. Instead, I am up and preparing to teach the nursery class in an hour. Which is going to make me absolutely collapse. I'm secretly praying that everyone is sick, or out of town for the holiday still. That makes me an evil and mean person, but my tibula doesn't care.

If I end up with the slightest bit of energy today, I am going to attempt some Christmas decorations. Otherwise I might just sleep the afternoon away. Which, at the moment, sounds like the better option. It's a rather overcast and dismal day. Perfect for sleeping. And since both kids ended up in bed with us last night, I'm sure that Dave feels the same way.

Is tomorrow really Monday?

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Em said...

don't worry your not a bad person, i have those feelings too.