Monday, November 17, 2008

Silly Songs

One of the mommy gifts that I have been given is the ability to make up silly songs off the cuff without really having to think about it. This comes in handy during car tantrums. Last night we were driving home from my aunt and uncle's house and it was late and my kids were borderline feral. So I made up the following song to the tune of "I Love the Mountains". Feel free to sing it out loud while you are reading.

I love my Joshie
I love my Clarabell
I love my Shmoopie
and I love Raja Bell
I love my family
and the Phoenix Suns
Aunt Jemima, Aunt Jemima
Aunt Jemima, Aunt Jemima

Why Aunt Jemima? Their butter lite syrup is deeeelicious.


Em said...

good idea, my kids love to sing too so that song would work in my car too

Jim said...

My hubby is the song creator in our family. His "Pretty little baby/lady" song was a big hit with our little lady. Even after 2 years of singing it, it still brings a smile to her face.

Jim said...

oops, didn't realize I was logged on as jim. This is jenny, not jim.

Heidi said...

Yep - I had to sing it in my head to get the full effect!

Sara said...

At least Raja Bell comes after Shmoopie. :)

Lisa said...

My dad's song that he always sang to us, to the tune of the chorus of "I've Been Working on the Railroad," substituting children's names as appropriate.

Lisa is a squirt.
Lisa is a squirt.
Lisa is a squirt, I know, I know.
Lisa is a squirt.
Lisa is a squirt.
Lisa is a squirt, I knoooooow.

Lisa said...

Tom's dad made up lots of songs. The one Tom likes to sing was invented after a family trip to a South American island blessed with lots of guano-producing bats:

Feet of poo.
That is what we made for you.

On The Go Family said...

This is one of my mommy talents, too! If my kids ever need to learn anything, I put the words to song and voila -- it's stuck in their heads forever.

In fact, Blue can already spell Goose's name because he's heard her sing the song I made up for her so many times.

Fun stuff.

Sheila and Mario said...

I totally have that skill! It ,ust be a Earl gene! It comes in handy being a preschool teacher:)

Sheila and Mario said...

I meant to write "must." I have to stop typing so fast!

Donna said...

Then you must have also forgotten the "n" in "an" Earl gene. Yes, it Earl gene, that is. Cute song, Heidi. And I agree about the Aunt Jemima syrup.