Thursday, December 4, 2008


I have many days where I think, "I'll do that when my kids are older." Well, now they are older and want to do stuff. I'm still trying to figure out how that happened. And thank goodness for blogs with cute ideas for Christmas, eh?

Today I am taking the kids to get haircuts because they are looking seriously shaggy. I should have done it prior to our trip, and prior to Josh getting his school picture taken. I know that most school pictures end up pretty dorky, but let me just say...DORKY. Poor kid. They are so wretched I probably won't even post the picture on here. At least it's preschool and not Kindergarten. We have time.

Then later this afternoon I am going to meet an old friend at Thanksgiving Point so we can meet each other's kids. There is a strange and wonderful story associated with this friend that I am going to share.

When I moved to Virginia 12 years ago (almost) I didn't have a place to live. I stayed with my mom's cousin and his family for a few weeks. Then I moved into a townhouse and took over Kathy's lease. We didn't actually become friends until probably a year or so later. But when we did, we became great friends. She was my visiting teacher, too.

One night at Institute it somehow came out that I was related to the Brothersons. She called me and asked me if I was related to a Mark Brotherson, who had died in a car accident. I said that he was my oldest cousin. She then asked if I knew Mark's best friend, Don. I had gotten to know Don after the accident because he spent a lot of time at my aunt and uncle's house. Then she told me she had dated Don briefly. Lights went off in my head and I told her she should call him, that he lived in Alaska, and that I could get his number. Long story short - they are now married with four kids.

My point is - you just never know how lives will end up intertwined. I had no real idea why I moved to Virginia back then. Just that I seemed to have been led there. Getting Don and Kathy together ended up being one of those reasons. So now I try to always follow promptings. :) I haven't seen Kathy since she left Virginia to get married so I am excited.

And then I am going to bed early!

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