Monday, December 29, 2008


Ya know those mean girls from Junior High? The ones that are popular and that are mean to you even though there is no reason? Yeah, now you know who I mean. Unless you WERE one and then a) Shame on You! and b) I hope you have changed and are nice now.

So today I got an invite on facebook that surprised me. C.R. asked to be my friend. I have to say that I hesitated to add her. C.R. Wow. C.R. is one of those people that for years I thought, "If only I NEVER have to see her again I can live a happy life." But I am one of those non-grudge holding people, ya know. We've discussed that. And she did write, "Hello friend from GRADE school!!! I can't believe how many memories Facebook is bring playing @ ur Mom's house after school. Weren't there black shutters? I hope all is well - what have u been doin over the years?"

Except for the fact that she wrote u instead of you, I thought the tone was nice and friendly. So I added her.

Then she sent me a message that said:

Hi Heidi -
It's so fun to hear from you. Your pictures are so entertaining - You did a great job of preserving those 80's pics - Believe me, I wore the same stuff and had my hair the same way!
Your daughter is beautiful and you are too! Wow, you haven't changed much - except for the 'do!
How was North High? I dated Scott McCabe during most of high school, who would have been 3 yrs older than us but he still had plenty of friends there. Unfortunately, he was murdered in '97 by Joey DeLuca (remember him?).
I went to Central High, then to ASU. What about you? Did you go to college? Where do you live? You and ur husband make a really cute pair.
I hope you are happy and have a wonderful New Year. Please keep me updated - you were such a cutie in grade school :-)

Seriously? A cutie? No, not a chance. And the "Unfortunately, he was murdered..." That's sort of a weird way of putting it. And for the record, I don't remember either of those guys.

And this is why I love facebook. Because 23 years later you get to find out that C.R. thought you were a cutie in grade school. It's helping me heal from the Mean Girls.


Olson's said...

LOL! I am not a fan of using these abbreviations, but it seems appropriate here :)

So this is the reason you love facebook, and probably the reason I will never join. For some reason I am not interested in reuniting with the mean girls who haunted me through 5th and 6th grades. Nonetheless, I am glad to know that you are forgiving C.R. (whoever she is!)

Donna said...
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Kris said...

U R A QT!!!

Ugh - I was somewhere in the middle. I know that there are girls I could've been so much nicer to back in school. I was lucky in that my brother was really popular (student body president etc) so I was somewhat "safe" although I had a really hard time making friends in grade school.

So I don't go seeking to "add as a friend" anyone like that and I would be shocked if they added me. I would be more likely to start in on how mean they were to me and wonder why they were being nice now??!

I cannot handle abbreviations like that. And the murder thing - weird.

Matt and Burgandi said...

I had a few of those mean girls in my life and it has really been amazing how "growing up" has changed them. Of course, I know it's not the case with all "mean girls", but it's nice to know that there is hope for them!

Lisa said...

My "best friend" in 8th & 9th grade got too cool for my once we hit high school. Several years ago, I heard through a mutual friend that she was engaged, looked up her registry at Target and sent her some linens. No thank you note, no nothin'. And then last week she found me on Facebook and was like, "Hey! So great to see you! Our parents retired in the same town! We should get together!" and I'm thinking, "Seriously?" But, like the previous commenter said, I have to believe that people do eventually grow up, and maybe she has.