Friday, December 5, 2008


I have a gripe. I go to a lot of parties. They might be Pampered Chef, Lia Sophia, Scentsy, and the like, but still. A lot of parties. And at all of these parties I am required to take my shoes off when I walk in the door. I realize that we are all trying to preserve our carpets, but then, what is the point of wearing cute shoes to a party? Assuming my shoes are ever cute?*

Instead, I have taken to wearing really ugly birkenstock clogs to everything. That way, I can keep my potentially cute shoes nice and preserved.

Just in case Natalie (wood floors) has another party.

*I just bought these shoes and I think they are way cute. Even if you don't.
**Natalie - this is no pressure on you to have another party!


Jeanne said...

Love them! So cute.

keysha said...

Very cute. And I agree with you; even though I am one of those who require shoes to be taken off. (For good reason too... Think about where your shoes go during the day. Public Restrooms. YUCK! I do know that carpet is still gross and disgusting..which is why I vow in my next house it will be wood floors throughout all major walkways).

Anyhow. Wear your shoes to YOUR party tomorrow night. Their new and don't have yucky public restrooms on them (yet)!

Olson's said...

This is funny- I've thought about this a lot and am always worried about making sure my socks match my outfit because I'm sure I'll have to go shoeless at parties :)

Will we be wearing shoes in your house tonight??

Casey Davison said...

See, I have a "phobia" of walking without shoes. I hate it. Weird I I'd have to miss all the parties.
I think these shoes are WAY cute. Where did you find them?

Heidi said...!

lmhjas93 said...

No shoes on in my house, either. Much less housework for me and a lot easier on the flooring, too (hardwood included). Feet feel so much better when able to breathe!

Sara said...

I hate wearing shoes, so it has never bothered me - even when I've been "discovered" wearing athletic socks under my knee-high boots. :)

Laura said...

No shoes in my house is SO much easier on me. The house stays cleaner and then I am happy!!:)