Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Ask me what I am doing right now and I will say...

I'm listening to my Spanish Immersion cd's so that I can become fluent. I'm gearing up in two minutes for a phone interview with the President of a company who has applied for one of my positions. And....I'm pedaling.

That's right - pedaling my little bike pedals that fit under my desk. I ride it periodically throughout the day now. With my heartrate monitor on. And in six hours of doing it sporadically I have burned 1300 calories.

I'll take it.

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Lisa said...

I keep laughing at those stand-up treadmill desks, but I mentioned them to Tom and Tim yesterday and both of their faces just LIT UP. They'd never heard of such a thing and thought it sounded AWESOME. So, you and your little bike pedals are the height of cool in certain Anderson circles.