Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hawaii 2009 - Day One/Day Two

Day One we flew. And flew. And flew. From Salt Lake to Portland, Portland to Honolulu, and finally Honolulu to Hilo. And then we rented a car and drove to Jeanne's house. And then we went to bed.
View from Jeanne's Lanai.

Day Two we woke up to a yummy breakfast by Jeanne. Pancakes and eggs and bacon - the whole works! She was excited to play hostess.

Main street in Honoka'a - doesn't look like much, but I love it!

Then we got in the car and headed up to Honoka'a, which has to be about my favorite place on earth. Well, one of them anyway. It is just so peaceful. We met my old roommate, Kristine, at The Taro Patch, a cute little shop on main street. We then went to lunch at an organic place across the street. I had a taro burger (weird) and Kristine and Ellen had spicy tuna melts (good). After lunch we went wandering and shopping along main street. We finally got to Hula Moon, my favorite shop in earth. Kathy, the owner, had a bunch of linen stuff by the same designer that I bought last year. I was very excited. I bought some white linen pants and a turquoise linen shirt and a black cashmere (partially) cardigan that is gorgeous. I love Kathy! She even remembered us from last year AND remembered what I had gotten. Now that is service! If you are ever in Honoka'a - find her!
Ellen and Heidi - Waipi'o Valley

After shopping we hopped in Kristine's car and drove up to Waipi'o Valley. Last year it was covered with fog so I didn't get to see it. This year it wasn't! We didn't go down into the valley, but Kristine is camp counselor in her ward and actually had Girls' Camp down there last year. Imagine having Girls' Camp in paradise.

Heidi and Kristine - Waipi'o Valley

We headed to Kristine's house to put our stuff away before heading back to Main Street for some pizza. Her view took my breath away! Her house is up on the mountain with a pasture, cows, and horses behind it. Beyond THAT is a beautiful view of the ocean.

View from Kristine's backyard.

I have never experienced peace and quiet like I did at Kristine's house. I need about a week there just reading books and petting horses. Honoka'a has a very strong Spirit to it that I have not felt in many places.

We went to Cafe Il Mundo for pizza and calzones. Everything is made fresh on the premises and the pizza crust is whole wheat - yay! Then we went back to Kristine's and watched a movie and fell asleep.


Lisa said...

I DID go to girls camp in paradise. Well, Laie anyway. We camped on the beach and the hardest thing about setting up camp was clearing some pinecones off the sugary white sand.

I remember one of the exercises we were supposed to do towards earning some part of the old Young Womanhood Award was to sit and meditate on the Saviour for a while, then share your thoughts with a friend. So my friend Kathy and I went down to the water and sat and meditated. Finally, she said, "Okay, so what are you thinking about?" and I honestly said, "That the sound of all this water makes me have to go pee," and she said, "Me too."

We stilled earned our awards.

Melissa said...

Sounds like a fun trip! Well, at least day one and two sound great! I'm glad you got to go!! (BTW....I'm trying really hard here not to be too jealous!!)

Jen said...

Gorgeous, amazing, wow! I loved seeing the picture of you and Kristine together. It made me tear up a bit! Miss you!

Lisa said...

By the way, the picture of you and Ellen. Where she's taller than you and hunching over to look littler, I guess? BLOWS MY MIND. When the heck did she get big?