Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Josh and Clara

I usually try not to spend a great deal of time talking about my kids because I figure they are doing what most kids do at their ages. They are funny and cute and say cute things that make me laugh. They drive me crazy and make me want to rip my hair out. They don't listen to anything until it is something that was NOT meant for their ears and then they repeat it over and over. They alternately fight and love each other. See - pretty typical.

This past week, however, I have seen a wonderful side of both of my children. When I stubbed my toe last week Josh immediately ran to me to comfort me. He asked me over and over again if I was ok and was rubbing my back and my face and saying, "Poor, Mommy!" Clara got in on it and they were fussing over me like a mother hen. Then when I started getting the chills, Josh sat right by my side and continued to pet me like a cat.

Since then, they ask me every morning how my owie is doing and if I feel better. Clara says in her sweet little voice, "Let me see yo' owie, Mom!" When I show it to her she pats me gently and says, "You feel bettew, Mommy?"

I have tried over the years to show compassion and tenderness (not in my nature I must say) to my kids when they get hurt. Compassion is one attribute that I have yet to really learn. I'm pretty good at looking for service opportunities, but when it comes to compassion, I've always been more of a suck it up and move on type of person. But, I want my kids to develop compassion and empathy for others when they are hurt and in need. I love to see them tender hearted like this.

I also love the question, "Mom, will you come snug with me?" From either one of them. They are about the snuggliest children I have ever encountered. I'm going to miss that. Maybe when they are old they will still snug with their old mama.


Sara said...

You and me both - we're going to end up called as the compassionate service chair people because we are trying to learn compassion.

I love how tender little kids are to their moms...

On The Go Family said...

Cute. There's nothing better than realizing they're learning the things you've tried so hard to teach them!

p.s. It's ok if you blog about your kids ... that's a large part of the reason we come to read it!!