Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Write your Representative!

I'm copying this from Lauren's blog because I think it is very important to fight this!

On February 10th the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act will go into effect. The basics are that it requires VERY expensive testing for lead and other chemicals on clothing and toys for children 12 and under.

How does this effect us? Not only will it be impossible for small businesses to afford the testing and provide quality products for our kids, it will make it illegal for places such as Goodwill, DI and Salvation Army to sell anything for children. We will no longer be able to buy clothes for our kids at thrift stores, garage sales, ebay... anything "slightly" used will be out of the question. I know that this will hurt us and I can't even imagine how this will effect families who rely on used clothing and toys for their children. On top of it all, why in the world would you make it more difficult for families to provide when our economy is in recession. I read a blog this morning that had done an economic impact study of the CPSIA. I can't tell you how accurate these numbers are or their sources. (Feel free to check it out!) But this is what they had to say:
"The cut to the chase summary shows over 70 million dollars worth of inventory must be destroyed on February 10, 2009 (National Bankruptcy Day) and of those enterprises that expect to survive the fall-out (61% will not), over 40 million dollars in lost product sales are anticipated."
I have already contacted both my Congressman and my Senator. Please take a minute to do the same. I've included links below to information on contacting your legislature. And please pass this on to other families who would be effected by the CPSIA.

Contact your Congressmen!

Contact your Senator(s)!


Kelly said...

Congressman Don Young has been made aware of my opinion. Thanks for the heads up.

Sara said...

It's actually not entirely true.

There was a clarifying statement issued earlier this month over the furor. It will have little impact on resale items and such.