Saturday, February 14, 2009


About 55 minutes ago my brother-in-law, Kelly, set off on a trek that makes my marathon running friends look like wimps. No offense to my marathon running friends. I could never run a marathon. I am 100% self-proclaimed wimp and not afraid to tell people that. Back to Kelly.

The trek that Kelly is doing over this three day weekend is the
Susitna 100. The "100" in that means 100 miles. You read that right - 100 miles. Or one hundred miles. Either way you write it - that is a dadgum long way to go on foot. And did I mention that this race takes place in ALASKA IN FEBRUARY? I questioned Kelly about his sanity awhile back and he said, "Sometimes you need to do something stupid to know it's stupid." Huh. Yeah, I don't have to go 100 miles in the snow in Alaska in February to know it is stupid. However, if the crap comes down and the world is about to explode, I think we will try to find Kelly immediately.

He blogged about his
gear check a few days ago. It just doesn't seem like enough. However, as he pointed out, anything extra is just stuff he has to carry. He also has blessed us with the ability to watch his progress. We have a cool link where we can watch the madness as it unfolds.

You should know - Kelly is in the military and has been on quite a few luxurious vacations to the Middle East so he is pretty prepared for stuff like this.
It still makes me question his sanity. Bless his heart - I think he is questioning his sanity, too. I did have a dream that he finished it for whatever that is worth!


Olson's said...

C-R-A-Z-Y! Never in my life would I consider doing something so insane. (Although I do find it quite interesting and would love to know how Kelly does :)
Good luck to him!

KEYSHA said...

Nuts. Doesn't even sound fun. I don't like the cold; and so I really wouldn't like walking 100 miles in the cold. Good luck to Kelly! (And his crazy endeavors!)