Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hawaii 2009 - Day Four

Ellen and Jeanne - Richardson's Beach
After a slow morning, we gathered up boogie boards, snorkeling gear, and beach towels, and headed to Richardson's Beach. There is a small cove and sandy area that is great for snorkeling and just general swimming. Jeanne's kids were in school other than Aidan, who is a great little hanger-outer. He's very easy to take places.
Ellen getting ready to snorkel
We decided to bring a picnic with us so we ate that first and then Jeanne started off with the snorkeling and we took turns swimming and playing with Aidan. It was great because the beach had a lot of trees so we didn't have to worry about getting burned.
Ellen on the lava rocks
Ellen and I decided to climb around some lava rocks so we could see what the water looked like on the other side. It was such a gorgeous color - very hard to capture on film. While we were hiking around we looked down and saw a giant sea turtle in a tide pool. It was just hanging out and occasionally would flap it's arms and legs.
Giant sea turtle
Heidi with the giant sea turtle

We headed home so we could be there when the kids arrived, and then after Matt got home we headed to Rainbow Falls and the Boiling Pots just up the road.
Ellen and Heidi - Rainbow Falls
There are walking paths around there so we wandered around taking pictures and enjoying the scenery.
Jeanne, Heidi and Ellen - the Boiling PotsFearless Ellen!
We headed home to make dinner and have Family Home Evening and then we went to bed. It was a fun, but tiring day. Snorkeling takes it out of you!


NatRat said...

Hello! Thanks for the invite yet again...I was about ready to email you yesterday to ask for another but then I got side tracked. You have been up to a lot, the hospital, yuck! And your trip to Hawaii looks AWESOME! I am so, so, jealous. I am glad everything with the cellulitis is okay. See you soon!

On The Go Family said...

Fun! These posts make me long to go back to Hawaii.