Monday, February 2, 2009

Hawaii 2009 - Day Three

We woke up with the sun and spent the morning getting ready for church and eating healthy scrambled eggs. We attended the Honoka'a Ward with Kristine and she gave an excellent lesson. After church we headed home where we had a chicken salad and Ellen declared that she hadn't eaten such healthy food in her entire life. So we made popcorn.

Then we got back on the road and headed to Hilo with a detour on a four mile scenic route that was GORGEOUS. We decided that we needed to drive it in the other direction at some point, too. And stop for What's Shakin' Smoothies, a little restaurant at the end of the drive. We arrived at Jeanne's house and decided to go down to Coconut Island before dinner to walk around the gardens. There are a bunch of large banyan trees that were planted by famous people so we took a picture with the one planted by Heber J. Grant. See pictures.
L to R - top: Heidi & Jeanne, Ellen & Abby, Ellen, Abby & Brina
L to R - middle: Ellen & Jackson, Warning, Heidi
L to R - bottom: Heidi, Ellen, Abby & Brina, Heidi, Ellen, Brina and Aidan

Jeanne made roast, mashed taters, and green beans for dinner and then Ellen, Jeanne and I stayed up way too late talking about all sorts of things. Because we could. Late night talks are the best.