Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Cry for Help

On October 3rd I am going to a high school reunion. 20 years. Not just my class, but the classes of 1987-1990. So basically, everyone that I knew in high school other than the people who were younger, but they will probably crash it anyway.

That is basically six months away, and my body is in a sad state of affairs right now. I was doing great in January (weren't we all) and then the Incident of the Toenail occurred and now it is March 11th. I wish I could say that I was being careful of the toe, but it really hasn't hurt now for about two weeks and no longer requires oreos as an internal way of healing.

So today I did the thing that everyone in my neighborhood knows you should do if you want to get into the best shape of your life. I marched over to Keysha's house.

Keysha is the one we all whisper about and say, "Have you seen her biceps and did you know she wakes up at like, 2:00am to work out?" She really doesn't get up at 2:00am - more like 4:30 or 5:00. But if you aren't a morning person there really isn't a difference.

Anyway, Keysha perked up when I yelled for help. She ripped the almost empty bag of oreos from my crumb covered hands and said, "I WILL HELP YOU!" It may have been slightly less dramatic than that, but you get the point.

So here I begin the very biggest challenge of my life. I have no goals set, no new methods. I am simply putting my entire high school reunion well-being into Keysha's very capable hands for the next six months. And since maybe four people (including Keysha) still read this blog, I won't feel shy about documenting my success in between all of the other stuff.

I go, Girl!


Heidi said...

You can do it - can I join the Keysha work-out club?

Lisa said...

I was all stressed about my 20th reunion last summer. Then got there and couldn't remember which people I'd liked and which people I'd feared and we were more than an hour late so everybody was well into their drinks and very happy. The music was too loud to actually talk to anybody, so I went around the room and hugged everybody (even people I wasn't sure I knew) and introduced them to Tom and then we danced a while and ate some hors d'oeuvres and called it a night. It was good. Sort of cathartic. Exorcised a lot of high school demons to see the pretty/scary girls looking like moms and driving minivans.

Heidi said...

Heidi - I posted a link to Keysha's site so you can join in.

Lisa - Didn't you go to 12 high schools? :)

Jen said...

I will say it--you go girl!!

Lisa said...

Nah, only three.

Heidi said...

Right - so clearly you were very invested. :)

KEYSHA said...

You will do fantastic! You are always just need to be accountable. (That's where I come in). I'm here for you. And your friend is right, you'll probably get to your reunion and forget what everybody looked like before. And the reunion will be over and you will be left with a smoke'n bod and your heart will be healthy. (So you can start planning for your next reunion!)

Thanks for your kind words...their not true; but I'll take 'em! (And it wasn't oreos I was ripping out of your hands it was cheese fries)!

Allison said...

Good luck! I'm hearing a lot of buzz about this P90X. I think I may join you all. Heaven knows I need it. And if I get to look like Keysha after...well I'm in!

Emily said...

Wow good for you. Definitely keep us posted. I've never heard of this P90X, I may just hit Keysha up for more info.