Friday, March 20, 2009

Party Food

Loree is visiting from Arizona for Spring Break and you all know how much I heart my Loree. Well, I heart Loree even more for busting out my creative side. Tonight we are going to a partay and we decided to make some cupcakes from a book called "Hello, Cupcake!" that Loree brought with her. Check out the results!
Spaghetti and meatball cupcakes
Spaghetti, meatballs, and sauce Cupcakes
Spaghetti, meatballs, sauce, and parmesan Cupcakes
Popcorn Cupcakes
Popcorn Cupcakes assembled

Cute, no? We had a lot of fun doing it. The spaghetti cupcakes take about 10 minutes after baking and cooling. The popcorn takes a lot longer because we had to create the popcorn, which involved a lot of mini-marshmallows. I'm excited to see everyone's reaction to these! I think they are too cute to eat. :)


Casey Davison said...

Those are awesome!!! A great job!!!
These would be fun for ANY party.

How did everyone like them?

Lisa said...

The spaghetti ones really look like you've put meat and tomato sauce on a frosted cupcake. Which in turn keeps making my brain go, "Cute! No, wait, gross! No, wait, cute! No, wait, gross!"

Kristen said...

Those were so cool looking in person!! How fun!

Sara said...

Sweet! I must get my hands on that book. :)

Sara said...

Sweet! I must get my hands on that book. :)

fiona said...

Those are really, REALLY cool!