Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yellow Bed

Last night after my song routine with Josh I went to check on Clara. When I walked in she said, "Mom, I'm all wet and dirty." Which really meant that she had thrown up all over herself. She was sad and scared and of course all you want to do is hug them when this happens except...ew, gross. So Dave stripped her bed and threw it in the wash while I wiped her down before putting her in the bathtub.

After she was clean she was much happier. Of course, now she didn't have sheets (mental note - get more sheets for Clara's bed) and we didn't want her to sleep with us in case she threw up again. We set up the air mattress in our bedroom, put on a bright yellow sheet, and she was good to go. This morning she said in her cheerful sweet voice, "Mom, I just love my yellow bed!"

As I type this, she has come into the office in three different outfits. I'm not actually joking about that. I think she is feeling better.

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