Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dancing in the Rain

Tom and Lisa are on their way here. They are in the air right now. They should arrive in two hours looking like drowned raccoons. I will love them, anyway. I cleaned my house yesterday for them with the help of the crazies (including Dave). It's messy again, but at least I know it is clean underneath. I also hired my friend to clean my blinds and baseboards. So my house is like, really clean for the moment...underneath.

Which makes me think that maybe I should hire a full cleaning crew to come in once a quarter and just really deep clean my house with toothbrushes. I wonder how much that would cost. I'm sure it would be worth it to me since cleaning really is my love currency (how sad).

Clara is potty training herself. I know that sounds weird, but it is actually true. Yesterday she has maybe once accident, but took care of it herself. I didn't even know about it until Dave told me. She had had a little accident in her underwear and just put her underwear in the laundry and put on a new pair. I put diapers on for naps and bedtime, but otherwise, she seems to have figured it out. I'm good with that. It's sort of weird because I expected it to be a long drawn out process. It still might take some accidents, but as long as she isn't peeing in the corner, who am I to complain?

I'm getting antsy to plant stuff. Like really antsy. And I technically have almost a month before I can get stuff into the ground, which is really annoying. It's Spring, but not. And driving me nuts.


Jeanne said...

Awesome about Clara. So far, Aidan has been doing good too. He's gone 3 days in underwear with only one small accident. It's been much easier with him but I've slowly been working on him for the last year which I didn't do with the other kids. Plus I've been determined not to stress about it.

I know what you mean about cleaning. I always loved having babies because my mom sent her cleaners over to deep clean my house. I so wish I had money for that. I love a good clean house, I just hate doing the cleaning myself.

Jenny said...

Good for Clara. She needs to send some of that motivation to Corinne. Corinne only likes to potty when we are out. She will rarely go at home and I need her trained before this baby gets here and before preschool starts.