Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Easter Bunny Came!

A couple of years ago we started the tradition of doing Easter baskets on Saturday morning instead of Sunday so that we can leave Sunday for what Easter is truly all about. Last night Dave and I put together the kids' baskets and left a trail of jelly bean filled plastic eggs from the hallway to the kitchen table.

Clara woke up first and wandered into the living room with two eggs in her hands and a perplexed look on her face. I said, "Clara! Follow the path!" Then I started following the eggs. She paused, grabbed another egg, and then bolted to follow me. When she got to her basket she immediately reached out for her little sleeping beauty figurine and said, "Mom! It's my seeping booty!" Greater thrill hath no three year old girl. She also got Princess Playclothes (they have the Disney princesses and I am hoping that she wants to wear that instead of a princess dress all day long), a stuffed bunny, and sidewalk crayons.

A few minutes later Dave woke Josh up because we are impatient about these things. We were up doing our workout so we were up before him. He got a little remote control car, which he has been wanting since Christmas, so he was thrilled. He also got some new pants for church, a kid sized baseball bat and ball to practice, and two Easter books. I suspect that both kids have their bellies full of jelly beans this morning.

In a couple of hours we are going to our neighborhood Egg Hunt, and then we will go to Kneaders for our Easter Brunch where I will diligently get a salad. Last night Dave boiled some eggs so that the kids can dye them later today. They have those weird spongy 3-D stickers that they can use to decorate. I love creating little traditions for them from year to year. I love listening to them happily play with their new stuff. Josh is guiding his car all over and Clara has changed Sleeping Beauty several times between her blue and pink dress. She randomly bursts into singing, "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dweam!"

And just for fun, there is a nap in my plans for the day.

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