Thursday, April 23, 2009


Keysha's Tree - I'm going to either find one for my backyard or dig hers up in the night. Just kidding. But I like it.
The sideyard. I am going to put stepping stones through here as a path leading to the backyard. I am also going to get pots so that I can have clusters of annuals to make it pretty.
The new yard with the big square spot for the pool. Our plan is to build a kind of short tumbled paver wall around the edges. Then we will fill it with rounded gravel. We will do the pool during the summer, and our fireplace during the Spring/Fall.
My greenhouse strawberries and salad bowl lettuce.
Tomatoes, Basil and Peppers - waiting for when it is warm enough to plant in the Square Foot Garden boxes. Another few weeks before the danger of frost is over.

Last summer this contained weeds about as high as my waist. I am blissfully happy.


Jeanne said...

It really looks great. I am so jealous of the veggies and strawberries you're growing. When we live in our own house again, I'm determined I'm going to start a garden. Sabrina brought home a gardenia plant yesterday from school for Earth Day. She's so excited to plant it.

Em said...

when do i get to swim

Heidi said...

Looks lovely! And I love your greenhouses!

Lisa said...

How big a pool are we talking about here?

Robyn said...

Love the green houses! What a neat idea! I just killed a bunch of our plants by leaving them out on our deck, unprotected and too young and vulnerable to survive... Too Much rain = not much left to save... Boo!