Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mystery 19th Century Literature Theater 3000

Do you remember that show that was on several years ago called Mystery Science Theater 3000? It was really quite dumb, but occasionally funny. Anyway, last Friday night we had one of our mid-week enrichment activities at my friend Kiley's house. We waited until 8pm, donned our pajamas, and wandered to her house to watch "Pride and Prejudice". Not the long version, although we talked about someday doing that in installments.

It took us a while to start the movie because we were all chattering and munching on munchies. We finally settled in and the sweeping music filled the room. As the movie progressed, it got louder since we were all giggling, swooning, critiquing and comparing the two Mr. Darcy's from each movie and who we liked better. So Kiley would pause and rewind as we repeatedly missed the various nuances of the characters. It was both annoying and hilarious at the same time.

I love my neighborhood and I love how when we have a girls' night out we leave the stress of children and keeping houses clean at the door and just have fun and enjoy each other. All of us love to eat, most of us love movies, most of us love to read. But mostly it gives us the opportunity to share the ups and downs of motherhood and feel not so alone in this journey. When I was single my girls' nights were mostly spent talking about boys. Either way, single or married, I love to spend time with the girls.

I'm grateful for a husband that recognizes that need and never hesitates to shove me out the door if something is going on. He knows it is my outlet. His is probably actually watching MST3000 or something equally strange (Dr. Who), and it is also time that he can go into his cave. I'm glad that we figured that out about each other early on.

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