Monday, May 18, 2009

It's In. It's All In.

Well, come on. You've been through a few years of gardening with me now. You know I tweak and tug and plant excessively. However, it is getting hot and I'm tired of my cuticles being thrashed. So this year I might be done. Almost. Anyway.

Friday on the Farm will start this Friday. Won't that be fun? Only this year I have FOUR boxes to take pictures of, plus I might take pictures of various beds for my own entertainment in order to see before/after. Today I planted a bunch of red, white and yellow annuals. I'm starting to get on board with the annual thing. I am creating places for them each year in my beds where I don't put mulch.

So far in my SFG I have planted:
bell peppers - and lots of them
basil - lots of it
green beans

And I have raspberries growing in half barrels.

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Lisa said...

Yay! We dragged dirt around all day on Saturday. We took all the old dirt of the planting boxes and used it to fill the hole where the concrete slab used to be. Then we filled up the boxes with peat moss, vermicullite (finally found it at Merrifield Garden Center), and several types of compost. One of which included poo. Just as we finished stirring everything up, it started pouring rain, so I think that's a good sign. I have no luck with seeds, so I'll wait until next week and get a bunch of starts and stick 'em in. Then cross my fingers that something actually grows!