Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother's Guilt

There is only one thing that ever makes me really feel guilty about being a mother and that is when I resort to yelling in order to get my kids to listen. I HATE yelling and I hate when my temper gets to that point. What it is about kids that makes you feel like you are being pecked to death by a duck?

Last night in my prayers I prayed that I wouldn't yell at all today, especially because Dave and I are going to the temple tonight. That lasted until around 7:45am. Josh started whining and this was what he said.

"I don't want to put away my laundry because I have to do it every day and why do I have to do it every day? I'm tired of putting away my laundry!" This went on for about 5 minutes (he puts away laundry once a week) and I finally yelled, "Then DON'T PUT AWAY YOUR LAUNDRY! I WILL NO LONGER DO YOUR LAUNDRY AND THEN YOU CAN WALK AROUND IN DIRTY CLOTHES ALL DAY!"

Don't you love the maturity and calmness that I exhibited? I just get to that breaking point and the beast inside takes over.

I still think I deserve chocolate for Mother's Day, though.


Lisa said...

We took the niece and nephew to the library on Monday night. My finest moment was hollering, "Martin! Do NOT lick the camera lens!"

Donna said...

Did he finally put it away?

Bon said...

I understand your pain (and guilt)and yes, you still deserve chocolate-in fact make it two

Jenny said...

Yes, I have had a few guilty moments myself lately. God seems to send us just the right kinds of kids to work on our weak spots. Like me telling my son how I don't like yelling at him and him saying "You don't like to scare us mommy?" He sure knew how to rub that guilt in.
I believe that conversation came about when I had gotten upset over the battery he had in his mouth. But, I can't remember for sure, among his other brilliant ideas recently have been to scratch up a table in the living room and force his sister to remain in a laundry basket with a quilt over top of her head.

Kristen said...

Absolutely you deserve chocolate. I hear "Why do I always have to do all the work?" One day I going to let them see exactly what all the work is. Peck peck peck - funny.

On The Go Family said...

Yeah, one of my finest moments came when yelling at my kid: "I know you're upset, but you DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A FIT."

Ummm ... yeah.