Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day

Basically since we moved into this house the only thing I ever want for Mother's Day are plants for the yard. This year is no exception. What I also wanted was slave labor. Dave was thrilled to have the opportunity to spend the day out in 67 degree sunshine. Thrilled. He weeding and yardwork more than anything on the planet.

We got started at 7:30am. I went out back and started pulling weeds in the back flower beds. He went out front and started pulling what was basically sod out of the front tree bed. We have given up on trying to plant in those beds because the grass just keeps on coming. So instead it's all about the weed barrier and mulch. This year we are going with rubber mulch because the color lasts for 12 years instead of one year. Plus it is much easier to move around if you need to and repels bugs. Ka-chow!

As the day progressed we mowed, edged, bought plants, planted, assembled sprinkler drip system thingies, spread dirt around, watered, prayed, begged, and sprayed weeds. A huge thanks to the Suds and the Pecks for "babysitting" our kids all day. Certainly not by choice - more like by default since our kids just migrated to their houses. They claim they got stuff done, too. I love our neighborhood kids and their way of hearding from location to location. I hope that they remember these summers as happy and carefree.

And now, for your viewing pleasure.
The Island - the tree to the left will someday be quite large so we left room for it. Other plants = rosy glow barberry, burning bush, red twig dogwood, yellow barberry, mugo pine, and artemsia.
The front bed - you can see the small juniper off to the left. It will eventually get about 8 feet tall and frame the house well. The red tree is a Japanese Maple. I also have candytuft, basket of gold, carnations, peonies, dianthus, bleeding hearts, and a few other things.
Container plants - this will have more when I figure out what I want to put in it. Probably wave petunias.
I moved the greenhouse down to the ground so that it will have more afternoon shade.
Raised beds - I haven't planted these annuals yet. These lower beds will be my primary annuals and I will change them up based on my moods every year. I am going to get the drip system arranged so that it will water these beds.
The Deck - these bushes are the only original bushes that I still have in the yard. Sad, huh? We are going to be putting trellis around the bottom of the deck probably this Fall so we can block the weeds from view better.
Square Foot Garden - I have two 4x4 boxes against the back wall, and two 3x3 boxes in the greenhouse. I've got a few things in right now and will put some seeds in this week sometime.
Square Foot Garden - look familiar? This is last year's box. Alive and kicking! I'm growing some lettuce and started some tomatoes. In the wine barrels are raspberries that my mother in law gave me.
Back garden bed - this is the view from the raised beds. The rocks scattered throughout are to place where there will be bigger rocks soon. Our neighbor is getting rid of his so I figure I will put them in the back for added interest. Most of this stuff was planted last year other than the trees and a couple of the perennials. It should really take off this year.
Zzzzzzz - this is Josh after his mean old mom made him take a shower. He likes to snuggle with the towel over him on the rug after a shower. Normally he doesn't fall fast asleep! It's been a long day outside playing for this little guy.

P.S. I am so sore that I can barely move. Evidently P90X doesn't prepare you for 12 straight hours of gardening.


Kristen said...

That's a lot of work! It looks great. Josh is so cute sleeping on the rug!

Lisa said...

Very nice. Wanna come do ours next? >:)