Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sunny and a High of 60!

Perfect temperature. Perfect. The rest of you might be freezing, but I am loving it.

Today Dave took the day off to volunteer at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. Apparently General Authorities schedule visits ahead of the regular open house so they need help with that. Well, no General Authorities were scheduled for today so he isn't needed, but took the day off anyway. I'm working this morning and then we are running away and taking the kids to Thanksgiving Point. We are going to the Dinosaur Museum, the Barnyard, and maybe the gardens to wander around. The point is, we are going to wear them (and us) out. And get them some of that thing called education.

This evening I will probably work on the yard, putting down weed barrier and adding mulch. I may plant the rest of the plants that are just sitting in their containers in the backyard waiting for me. Or I might just sit on the front porch, sipping fresh mint tea (we have a LOT of mint at the moment and apparently just steeping it in hot water helps with digestion. Did I just say that?) and watching the world go by.

I love Spring. Not a huge fan of mid-summer heat, but I love the 60's and 70's (temps, not decades). I love not having the heat or air on and opening the windows during the day. I love that my kids are old enough to ride their bikes all over the place for hours and play army with their friends and hunt for worms and potato bugs. I love that I already have a green bell pepper growing on my plant and it is the size of a walnut. I love, I love, I love!


Melissa said...

I'm sure the digestion-aiding mint tea would have been lovely, but I think the evening as it happened was much better!! Love ya, girl! Your yard looks great, btw!!!

Lisa said...

Year 1: Had a ton of mint growing in the backyard. Made so much mint tea (also good chilled) and froze a bunch for winter.

Year 2: No mint. Not a sprout. Very odd.

Year 3: Remains to be seen.

Hey, my SFG plans are being thwarted at every turn. The only compost I can find is leaf mulch (which is fine, but the book says to get a variety). So I got some manure. Poop is always good, right? And I've been to every Lowe's from Springfield to Sterling and they are all out of vermicullite. I finally just bought some pealite (the white stuff) today and we'll see what happens.