Monday, June 29, 2009

June Camping 2009

About six months ago I booked a couple of campsites and emailed a few friends and said, "Let's go camping!" This past weekend we went up to Smith and Morehouse. It is a beautiful campground in the mountains, with lots of aspen and pine trees. We had lots of adventures. Clara split her upper lip shortly after we arrived so she has a fat lip that is pretty gross now. Josh had scrapes and scratches and bandaids were given to most of the kids. Here are some fun pictures of the weekend in no particular order!

Laurie and Jacey by the campfire.
Ryan Wilson, Dave, and Clara roasting marshmallows
Kate, Josh and Brinley digging in the dirt.
Clara, Jayden and Brinley staying out of trouble.
Ryan and Whitney roasting marshmallows.
Heidi Wilson enjoying the fire.
Dave and Heidi
Ryan and Lou
Josh and Kate goofing off.
Activity time!
Nap time!
Dave and Laurie Compton
Ryan and Gabi
Lou and Gavin
Jacey and Clara show off their braids.
Laurie sets up the beauty shop.
Kate and Damon play with worms.
Dave and Jeff working on the mountain man hash.
Kate and Michelle - ready for breakfast!
Good morning, Everyone!
Josh hanging out by the fire.
Clara with flowers in her hair.
Our Camp Kitchen - love this thing!
The Condo


Donna said...

This looks sooo fun! What a wonderful time you must have had. Audrey got one of those camp kitchen tables for Rick for Father's Day. They are way cool! See you in a couple of weeks, and we'll have lots of fun playing.

Em said...

i heard you had a great time, i love that camp kitchen, hope all is going well.