Monday, June 15, 2009


This morning during a conference call with a client, Clara came in to me with her head hangin' low and said, "Mom, I flushed Josh's toothbrush down the toilet."

Things like this always inspire fear and despair in me. Always. I put the phone on mute and ran into the bathroom. Sure enough - no more toothbrush. And apparently we have good pipes because the toilet isn't clogged. I am pretty sure this will backfire soon.

We went to pick Josh up and after his little whimper from the back seat, we stopped at the grocery store to get him a new toothbrush. He said, "Mom, I need to get Clara one, too. So that I can forgive her." Not sure what the correlation was there, but hey - forgiveness lesson!

After lunch Clara came in to me with her head hangin' low and said, "Mom, the tv's broken." Now this put me into a panic of sorts. I ran into the living room and she showed me how the dvd player is now broken, with the tray halfway in and halfway out. This house is cursed when it comes to dvd players.

And I have a really bad headache.


Dave said...

Too much trouble for one little girl in one day. She must really be in an inquisitive mood today.

Jenny said...

Sounds like the curse will end when the little people are big enough to know you don't do things like that.

Lisa said...

Is the toilet still working? I really don't think the toothbrush can make it around the bends, so I suspect it's still in there and just waiting for your kids to flush a washcloth or something else too big to fit around it.

Dave probably already knows this, but you can get a bowl auger at any home store and try running that down (it's like a roto-rooter for toilets). About $40 and probably a good idea for parents of little kids to have on hand anyway.

If that doesn't work, the next thing would be to turn off the water to the toilet, flush a bunch of times to drain as much water as you can, then sop out the rest with rags, unscrew the toilet from the floor, turn it on its side, and try rooting around from the bottom.

There's a toothbrush in there somewhere -- it's just waiting to strike.