Monday, June 22, 2009

A Multitude of Adventures

The past few weeks have been super mega totally busy due to end of year programs (at two preschools) as well as all of the projects that I have implemented. We also had my mom's birthday, Father's Day....well, really - does life ever slow down?
Josh and his teachers - Miss Cameon and Miss Stacee

Josh graduated from Kinder Cottage. He has been going there for two years and looooooves Miss Cameon. He's been asking me about visiting her. He also loves Miss Stacee, and fortunately her son is going to Providence Hall so we will be able to see her often. I keep thinking I need to hang out with Stacee - she's a lot of fun.

She looks sweet and innocent, but...

Over the weekend we bought Josh a new loft bed that came with styrofoam packing. Clara decided to break up a piece of the styrofoam into tiny little balls and spread them all over the living room. It was a DISASTER. I should have taken a picture, but I was too mad. We sent her to her room while we cleaned it up, and when I walked in to check on her (she was being too quiet), that's how I found her.

Dave and I decided that it was time to move Josh to his own space downstairs. We also wanted to get rid of the toy dump that has been our basement. Basically the kids just dump everything out and then leave it. So we haven't actually used our house other than the main floor for five years! We moved all of Josh's toys into his bedroom (and threw out a ton), and we are making his old bedroom Clara's toy room since she doesn't like going to the basement by herself. That way she will be more likely to play with toys because they will be accessible. Now our basement living room is toy free and ready for us to use!

Josh's desk/computer

Last year for his birthday, Uncle Curt gave Josh his old computer. Dave set it up for Josh's educational games and so when it is quiet time, he can go down and play for awhile. He hasn't shown that much interest in it yet, but when he gets going it can keep him occupied. I'm sure over the next year it will change and we won't be able to keep him off of it.

Josh's reading nook

This is under his loft and most of his books are on the shelf now. We have a little lamp so that we can go down and read with him. He loves his nook and we hope it will inspire him!

Josh's new bed

We actually cut it down on Saturday to the first support beam because he couldn't sit up in it. Now he can sit up and I am happier that it is a bit lower. When he first saw the bed he had a HUGE grin on his face and said, "I TOTALLY want to sleep there!"

Ruby's First Birthday

Ruby is my sweet baby niece and I am pretty smitten with her. Last October she loved me, but now she doesn't like anyone. I have to win her back one of these days, although I know it's the age. Josh was the same way. I smiled at her a lot and when she wasn't looking kissed her sweet little head.
Ruby loves cake!

And now we launch into summer and hopefully will have some good weather. We are leaving Thursday to go camping for the weekend with friends. It's been so cool that I can't believe next weekend is the 4th of July. Then we have another family vacation. Bring on the summer!


On The Go Family said...

I'm amazed how tall Josh's bed was. Who has ever seen such a tall bunk bed? I'm sure it's perfect now that you've altered it.

It's so fun rearranging and making everything work for the family.

Casey Davison said...

That is a super tall bed!! What a cook setup.
Ashlee won't go up to her playroom by herself very often either!! Says she's scared!!! She's coming around slowly but surely though.

Allison said...

Just catching up on your blog. Cute cute kids!