Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday, Bloody Tuesday

This is how we roll. It's going to be a long summer.

Today was Josh's preschool picnic at school. The problem with him being in two different preschools, is that it means managing two end of year school programs. I've been very confused (I'm sure that isn't a shock to most people) about what is happening when. But, I was excited about the picnic because it meant that I could hang out with my friends whose kids go to the same preschool.

About 20 seconds into it, I hear a kid yell, "Where's your mom, Josh?!" I look over and he had fallen somehow, but didn't look like he was hurt. Then he started howling. I went over to see blood gushing out of his head. Always something a mother loves to see! I stayed calm so that he wouldn't panic more, handed napkins to his teacher so she could keep pressure on it, got our lunch packed up, put the kids in the car, and headed to the Instacare clinic. I called my mom and Dave on the way.

At the Instacare clinic they put a numbing ointment on it, but he still just kept crying and asking for his Daddy. It was sweet. Finally they put more on and he calmed down and the surface pain went away. They took us back to the "procedure" room. It was the same room where they removed my big toenail back in January. Nice. They put him in the chair and raised him up and he thought that was cool. They cleaned out the wound and gave him the water gun syringe to take home. He was pretty excited about that! They had also given him an otter pop. And a lollipop.

He was not excited when they put in the staples. The surface skin had been numbed, but it was deeply bruised. He about came out of the chair and I was about to lose it because I was worried they hadn't numbed him enough. They gave him a big dose of motrin and we hauled him out of there.

I took him back to the park so that his teachers could fuss over him, and that distracted him long enough for Dave to go buy a new movie (to keep him distracted) and pizza. I'm happy to report he is on his second round of "Bee Movie", his tummy is full, and after looking at the pictures he said, "That's not a big deal, Mom."
Sitting in the big chair
The wound. It is pretty deep.
Flushing out the wound
The Staples


Lisa said...

Poor Josh. What did he hit his head on?

My nephew Cameron, at age 4 or so, what so excited at his pre-school's Easter egg hunt that he ran headfirst into the corner of a transformer box. Urgent Care, staples, etc. He was initially upset at the pain and missing out on all the candy, but after he came home, his first declaration was, "I don't have to wash my hair for a week!"

Lisa said...

Correction: "was so excited"

Donna said...

Poor Joshie! This is awful! He is a brave little soldier, and so were you.