Sunday, July 12, 2009

Independence Eve & Independence Day

And this is why I love Utah!
Clara (in her swimming soup) hanging out with her buddies
Setting up for fireworks with friends
Allison and Lou Lou
Keysha, Natalie, Rachel, Randall, and Marcy
Randall, Marcy, Alicia and Jason
Cooper, Ally, and Gabi
The kids ready for the show!
I love watching these kids grow up!
The fearless pyromaniacs - Collin, Justin and Chad
Allison and Bella negotiating. I love this!
Dave and me - looking a bit tired
Lou, Michelle and Jeff
Carsen and Damon
Josh has sparkler fever!
Lou Lou shows her patriotism
Clara - up and ready for a yummy breakfast at the Peck's house!
Ryan and Lou - staring off into the horizon at...?
Marcy and Rachel post food consumption
Our fabulous hostess, Keysha!


NatRat said...

It was a fabulous Independence day! Glad we were able to enjoy some of it with the Totten family :)
PS...thanks for the invite, hopefully I will be able to view it more than once, I don't know what the deal it.

Lisa said...

Keysha's got guns!

The Saunders Family said...

Wow! I don't know how you get anything done with so much fun going on in your neighborhood. Your kids are so lucky to grow up in a place like that.