Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Island Park, Idaho

A few weeks ago we went up to Island Park, Idaho for a family gathering. We stayed in a cabin and this was the view from the deck. It was beautiful! We went to Big Springs, which is a clear water river that comes from some lake that was a volcano or something like that. I was clearly paying attention. It's beautiful and I would recommend it!
Clara holding her grandparents' hands while walking on the trail. Probably one of my favorite pictures of Josh right now. He's such a cute kid. Even when he isn't being one. One of those rare family pictures!
Ama Ancy and Papa Rick at Big Springs The next day we headed to Yellowstone where we were just in time (after lunch) to see Old Faithful blow. Those are people below. It's pretty big! Josh and Clara with Old Faithful in the background. Should have given them the lollipops after taking the picture, right? Part of the Grand Prismatic Spring. It's fantastic! I would love to go in a helicopter and fly over these pools of water. My sister, Carly, and her kids came up for the day to visit Yellowstone with us.
Sometimes they like each other.
Artists Paintpots. Jacuzzi anyone?
Another family picture! With the waterfall in the background that you can't see.
Beautiful Yellowstone Lake!

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Jen said...

Hey girl--Yellowstone looks like lots of fun. I remember it being very stinky--those darn, but very cool hotpots!:)