Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Herriman Beach

There is a beach in Herriman. It's more like a sandy lake, but hey - it's there. Up on the mountain and free for everyone. Today we took our van into the mechanic so Dave took the day off and we took the kids for a swim. It is a beautiful day and it was cloudy on and off so that kept things cool. The kids splashed and swam and had a grand old time. There is an area of about 15 feet at the front of the water, then a low wall, and beyond that it gets deeper. So it was easy to tell the kids to just not cross the wall. They didn't seem that interested in crossing it anyway. Perfect!

Herriman Beach
Josh swimming
Clara - happy as usual!
Just like the real ocean...without waves!

It's a pretty big place and while it was crowded, it wasn't unbearable. We had plenty of space. I imagine it gets bad on Saturdays, but for a Wednesday afternoon it was just fine. There were people with umbrellas and gazebos and picnics. It would be a great place to spend the afternoon swimming and reading and floating!


Donna said...

Hey, that looks awesome! Why didn't we go there? I brought my suit and never got to use it. What a wonderful day off.

Sara said...

Sounds fun - we might have to venture to it!