Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sleigh Bells Ring...While Heading into Fall

I just realized that above my front door on the inside is a sign that says, "Merry Christmas". It's a good thing that I am gearing up to paint my entryway so that I can actually take that down. But it brings to mind the fact that once again, we are four months away from Christmas, and four months when you are a grown up goes pretty darn quickly. So earlier this week I got started on my Christmas shopping.

No worries - I didn't go crazy. I have a big family reunion the week between Christmas and New Year's Day so I am trying to budget accordingly for it, which requires me to plan ahead. Alright, let's face it - I'm a planner anyway. But tell me that you won't be jealous when you are out in the crowds in the freezing cold (except for my Arizona readers) trying to find something. Believe it or not, there are a bunch of sales going on for back to school and I am taking advantage!

First things first - this morning we had a back to school breakfast for the founding board members and a few others for Providence Hall. We met at the park, wore the kids out, ate lots of yummy foods, and got caught up. We hope to make this an annual tradition. Thursday night we had back to school night, and while I attended last year's back to school night as a board member, this year I was just a plain old mom. Which brought tears to my eyes for all that entails. I have probably gone to Josh's school 100 times, but never as his mom. He's almost a full year older than some of the Kindergartners starting there, but in my eyes he is just way too little. On the flip side - I can't wait until he starts on Friday!
Clearly he is ready for Kindergarten...
Emily and Patsy
Emily's really cute twins!
Digging into breakfast

Paige Robb and MelissaLaurie and Paige (I told them to pretend they like each other)Erin and Alicia
Because I put in a bazillion hours during the founding year of Providence Hall, I get to pick my children's teachers the whole way through. I picked Mrs. Proud for Josh's teacher. She is the lead teacher and I have heard amazing things about her! A few people have told me that their children's ability to read skyrocketed in her class. Josh is a beginning reader and is doing pretty well, but I can't wait to see what this will do for him. He is rather apathetic about starting school, telling me that he just doesn't want to go "a whole three hours a day"! He doesn't get it that he has been doing that in preschool already. The countdown is on - five more days!
Josh and his teacher, Mrs. Stephanie Proud