Saturday, August 1, 2009

Time For Change

As of tomorrow I am being released from my short lived calling as Relief Society Coordinator. It's a relief. That is one hard calling I tell ya! It never is done, never is organized, and really - you just don't want to know who isn't getting theirs done. Not to mention the excuses each month. I'm not a perfect visiting teacher by any means, but "I've been busy" doesn't fly with me. Judgmental enough Heidi? - yes. However, I have been juggling two callings, a job, kids, and family reunions almost the entire month of July and still managed to bake brownies for my peeps and take them a letter. Have I missed months before? - yes. But busy isn't my excuse. Just do it - call, write a letter, or actually set foot in their home and be a friend. Rant over. If I have offended anyone, well, that is why I made my blog private! :)

Anyway, in conjunction with this change, I decided to paint my office today. They really are unrelated, except that I had already planned to paint almost the entire month of August (read: no family reunions, visitors, or travel planned) and I figured since I can now shred seven months of visiting teaching reports, that will enable me to have a little more space in here. It's also been a dark red for five years and contributes to my anger management issues (see above paragraph). I'm actually quite sick of most of the colors in my house and since I am not going anywhere, I figure paint is the cheapest way to remodel (for the time being). I don't have it all done yet so I'm not going to post pictures, but it's pretty exciting stuff for me and I really love it so far. Next up: the entryway and big red wall - going away! After that, Clara's bedroom, playroom, and then I will finally tackle our bedroom.

Dave asked me to teach Gospel Doctrine tomorrow. It's not an advantage being married to a Sunday School President. He tried calling many subs and there was no answer. Dadgum caller ID. It's the same reason why no one answers the phone when I call them for visiting teaching reports! Anyway, it's on Nauvoo and fortunately I am a descendant of approximately 456 teachers. Plus I read The Work and the Glory series three times (now you can judge me). Mock all you want, but that series comes in handy memory-wise when your husband asks you to teach a lesson on Nauvoo. Don't worry - I will not use it as a source. Well, maybe I won't.

And finally, in the last month I have lost 23 pounds. It has been really hard and really wonderful. I finally feel a little bit of control, plus I don't have to do laundry as often since I can actually fit into the majority of clothing in my closet.


On The Go Family said...

23 pounds? Wow! Go you!!!

Kacy said...

Good for you!

Donna said...

VT Coordinator is a thankless calling, but necessary. Not one of my past favorites. Hope you enjoyed teaching on Nauvoo -- even at the last minute. Come on, you know you wouldn't have prepared it until Sat. night anyway, right?? I'm still reeling from your decision to abandon red. Is my house completely out of style already? It's only been 3 years since we moved in. I haven't painted anything red, but I have lots of red stuff. It's my favorite color!

Sara said...

Hoorah for no more VT coordinator calling, new paint colors and a 23-pound-loss. :)

I'm a VT flunky. I will freely admit, it is the thing I struggle with THE MOST in the church. I've been working really hard this year to have a better attitude - both in accepting visits and making them. I'm making a little progress.