Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Swiss Days 10K

On Saturday, September 6th at about 6:00am (how's that for alliteration?) my mom and I got in the car and headed to Midway for the Swiss Days 10K. The plan - to walk it in honor of Josh's 6th birthday. It was still a bit dark when we arrived. We got checked in and got in line for the race.

We started off walking and finished walking and it was a beautiful walk until about three miles in when it started pouring rain. That wasn't so fun. A bit cold, actually. But we kept on going and when we had .2 miles left, Josh and Clara joined us and Dave handed us the Happy Birthday, Josh! poster. We came in dead last, but we finished!

My running buddies Melissa and Laurie finished in 1 hr and 16 min. They were incredible! I was so proud of them. They have been training consistently and have really stuck to it, and they both look fabulous.

Walking to the finish line with the birthday boy!

Mom and me with our race shirts
Mom, Laurie, Me, and Melissa
The support team! Dave, Robb, and Dave


Lisa said...

Yay! Happy birthday, Josh. Wow, six years already? I remember when he was just a theoretical baby.

Sara said...

Okay, I so want to do this with you next year (walking, not running!)

Em said...

congrat's to you all

NatRat said...

I am so sad I missed you! I was there watching. I was talking to Laurie and it must have been when it started pouring ran that I went and hid under a tree and I missed you. Dang it! Good job! You guys are awesome!