Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Buddy Walk


A few years ago I got an invite from my friend Natalie to participate in a Buddy Walk for her little boy who has Down Syndrome. Unfortunately, we were going to be out of town, but since then I have really wanted to be able to do this, and this was a great year for it. The day was beautiful and it was the last really warm day before cold weather set in. Since Josh started school, I have looked for opportunities to teach him about how everyone is different and that we should look at who the person is and not what they look like. I talked to him about our sweet friend, Bode, and that we were walking to help raise money to help kids like him. He asked a lot of questions and I never really know how he is processing it until later, but he seemed to understand.

The Buddy Walk started with a carnival that was PERFECT for little kids. There were all sorts of really fast activities such as putting, bowling, face painting, fishing, and a cake walk. Josh and Clara were in heaven running around as fast as their little legs could carry them. Dave and I split up so that we wouldn't lose them because it isn't easy to find your kid when they are wearing the same t-shirt as every other kid!

Josh putting for candy

Clara on the cake walk - not entirely sure why she is not wearing shoes
Josh and Clara enjoying their cupcakes
Clara showing off her new beads.
Josh getting his hand painted (he's not big on face stuff)
Dave carrying the Bode sign!
Natalie - Bode's mom and one of the most amazing women I know!
Team Bode had the most people there. Doesn't surprise me!
Chad, Allison and TJ - (love that sassy look, Allison!)


Allison said...

The walk was fun right? Your kids are so darling in these pictures.

NatRat said...

First, that picture of me is HIDIOIUS! Second, thanks for the nice compliment. Third, thanks SO much for coming and supporting our Bode and teaching your kids about other kids that have diablities, it means a lot to us. Fourth, I am so glad you had a good time! And fifth, thanks for inviting me to your blog, once again...I tried to read it the other day and I still can't get on...so weird!