Tuesday, October 13, 2009

High School Reunion Part Three

After a short nap I got up to get ready for the main reunion event, which took place at the Biltmore Embassy Suites. I picked up Regina and we headed to the hotel. I think both of us were a little nervous to see so many people. As soon as we arrived I ran into Bobby Greene, who was my very first boyfriend in 5th grade. He says 4th grade, but who has a boyfriend in FOURTH grade?! Ha ha. It was great to see him and a surprise because I didn't know that he was coming. Neither did he, actually. He jumped in his car and drove from San Diego as a spur of the moment thing.

I wandered around a bit saying hi to people I knew. I actually knew more people at the Happy Hour so it was a bit daunting. There was almost no one from the Class of 1990! My first thought was that we would definitely be doing our own. I guess people didn't really want to hang out with the classes that graduated ahead of us.

Eventually the wait staff at the hotel started getting irritated with us because they wanted to serve us dinner, so we found seats and started eating. The food was really not spectacular considering the price of the reunion. I would say that the event did not justify the cost at all.

Then we had a slideshow which, unfortunately, wasn't really well done. There were large clusters of pictures with the same people in them, although I guess that wasn't really the person's fault who did the slideshow since people were supposed to submit their pictures for it. It's just - you would think that people would cheer or laugh as pictures were shown, but it was largely quiet. Kind of unnerving.

Anyway, the dinner ended and a large group of people "crashed" the reunion and after that there was dancing and mingling and catching up so that was fun. Once people started getting too drunk, Regina and I headed out. I can definitely say that I have never been hit on so much in my life and Regina felt the same way. It made us alternately creeped out and sad that single guys we went to high school with wouldn't respect the fact that both of us were married. Yikes!

Overall the reunion was worth it and makes me more excited about doing one for just my graduating class. It was great to see so many old friends and be able to hug them again. I'm sure we will do another multi-class reunion down the road. It just tended to be one particular group from high school that attended so it would need to be advertised much better. My guess is that word will spread and people will make more of an effort to get to the next one!
Andrya and me - we joked about seeing each other at the reunion since she lives in Utah about 20 minutes from me and we never see each other!
Class of 1990: Shawna, Dan, Andrya, Dylan, Heidi, Terry, Tara, and Bobby
Bobby and me
Andrea and me - Andrea left North High my Sophomore year, but we stayed friends.
DeeAn, Brenda, and me - DeeAn and Brenda were on the Pom Line
Sali and me - Sali was a cheerleader with me for two years and she was a surprise as well! I was excited to see her.
Dylan, Regina and Dan
Dan and me - I've seen Dan over the past few years at other gatherings. We went to school together from 2nd Grade - Senior year.
Rhon and me - Rhon was a Senior when I was a Freshman and ended up marrying one of my best friends from high school.
Dan and Amy Ballard - Cute brother and sister!
Dana, Darren, and Regina - I love that Dana wore his uniform.

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