Thursday, October 8, 2009


Several years ago my parents bought a timeshare condo in Midway. I was living in Virginia at the time, but was in Utah for a wedding so I went up for the day to see it. Love at first sight - that's all I have to say about that! A year later Dave and I spent our very short honeymoon there. After moving back to Utah, we have gone as often as possible, and now want to retire in Midway with all of our neighbors. Seriously.

For Josh's Fall break we decided to spend the first three days in Midway - swimming, shopping, and relaxing. As relaxing as life ever is with a 6 and 3 1/2 year old. Dave went to work from there (same commute!) so that he wouldn't have to take extra vacation days. The first day, however, he had minor surgery on his head to remove a benign cyst. My mom and I took advantage of his post-op to go to the outlet malls before heading to Salt Lake to see my cousin, Eric, perform in "A Chorus Line". He was phenomenal. And so was shopping. Apparently the best sales at the outlet mall are after the flood of back to school shoppers are gone.

Tuesday we wandered around the little shops in Midway, took the kids swimming and to the park, and then took them for a ride on the carousel at the Zermatt resort next door. They loved it! We were sad to leave, but, we will definitely be back!

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Donna Colyar said...

You should look up Dusty's sister, Dawn, who lives there. Might as well -- you connect with everyone else! I especially love the photo of Clara on the carousel with the golden leaves behind her. Gorgeous!