Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 21st - New Adventures

Ahhh, remember how I thought that cutting back at work would make me less busy? I guess not so much. I can't say yet what is being added, but, it will be fun and exciting and crazy and stressful and hopefully I will be able to sleep at night. The good thing is that I will still be able to be more flexible with my schedule, which means more snuggles. In the meantime, the following conversation was heard while driving home.

Josh: Our car stinks because of all of the burps.
Clara: I'm going to burp in 10 minutes.
Josh: That's just rude, Clara.

We are coming up on Christmas and guess what? My bedroom is a torn up disaster with half the walls painted...sort of. My entryway is half painted. The shelves in the basement are half painted (shhh...don't tell Kelly), but at least the whole top half is done. My living room carpet desperately needs cleaning - like deep cleaning. However, until I get the other stuff done there is no point because when the other stuff is done I will be moving around furniture.

Today my friend Paige stopped by to pick up a little girl who I picked up from preschool because her mom is in Hawaii (different island from where I am going) and my only consolation about someone stopping by with such a disaster is that Paige is about 100 times busier than me and her house is crazier than mine. She just lets it roll. I need to learn that from her! I remember when I was her visiting teacher several years ago. She was pregnant with her first. Her house was immaculate. Her living room coffee table was pristine with cute decorations. Ahhh, remember the days of the cute decorations that little hands didn't break, smudge and chew on?
I would rather have snuggles from these crazy burping kids than those decorations. Any day.

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