Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 29th - Ventures

Today is going to be an adventure. It starts off with getting the carpet cleaned in my living room this morning. Then Clara is going to my mom's for the day. Then I head downtown for a very important lunch meeting. Then I pick up the kids and head to a pumpkin patch to go buy two hay bales and a couple of cornstalks. Then I come home and start cleaning and finishing up painting my entryway. Then I take the kids over to the neighbor's house for a haunted house in her basement. Then I do some more painting.

Tomorrow morning I wake up, get the kids ready to go, attend two Halloween parties at two different schools, take the kids to Dave's office to trick or treat, head home to set up a photo booth for the school carnival, attend the school carnival and run one of the games, come home and clean, and collapse.

Saturday morning we signed up to clean the Church and then I have to spend the day getting stuff ready for the evening as we are having some friends over for chili before going out trick or treating.

If I make it to Sunday it will be a miracle and I might need to sleep the entire day.

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Sara said...

That sounds wonderful.

I'm sitting here trying to focus on a project that bores me and trying to stay awake.

And I realized we've not done one "fall" thing this year. Oh well, next time, maybe.