Monday, November 23, 2009

November 12, 2009: Hawaii - Day Five

We woke up bright and early and jumped in the shower to head to our various assignments. Matt and Renae headed to the airport to pick up Marlane and Russ, and then took them to Walmart. Dave and I headed to the Hilton to pick up Kristine's flowers. We all met at the temple at 11:00am with a half hour for Marlane and Russ to get ready. After a few pictures, we walked through the doors at 11:30am - right on time.

Kona, Hawaii Temple
Dave and Me
Renae, Marlane and Me
Bango and Kristine!
Marlane, Me, Kristine and Renae

The ceremony was simple and beautiful and I had tears in my eyes while I watched Bango and Kristine kneel across the altar and say yes to being sealed together for eternity. I am so grateful that we have the knowledge and Priesthood power to bind on earth what is bound in Heaven. I am so grateful that Dave and I made the choice to be sealed for eternity and that our children will be with us as long as we keep those covenants. I am so grateful that the sealing power was restored to the earth! And I am especially grateful that my roommates and I have all had the opportunity to be sealed to our spouses. It's the greatest blessing I have ever received.
After a luncheon on the grounds of the church next door, and lots of hugs and kisses and well wishes, the Steeres, the Hills, and Dave and I headed down to Ali'i Drive to catch the dinner cruise to Kealakekua Bay. There were clouds rolling in, and as we left it started to sprinkle. We didn't know what we were in for!
Dave and me - Dave's first time on a boat in the ocean!
Matt & Renae
Marlane & Russ
The dolphins were putting on a great show. There were a ton of them as we pulled out to head South to the bay.
Five dolphins in a row! The announcer guy on the boat kept trying to direct our attention back to the shore and what he wanted to show us there.
Dave enjoying the view
The food! Traditional Hawaiian dishes plus some other stuff thrown in.
We stayed on the top deck until the rain got really bad and were the only ones up there.

Matt trying to balance. The water was so choppy that it was difficult to walk around the boat. A huge squall came along so we went down below so that we wouldn't get swept out to sea. A performer named LT Smooth was playing so we enjoyed the music (Dave and I even danced) and tried to keep dry. I think the boat ride was Dave's favorite part of the trip even with the rain.

After the boat, we headed back to the condo and stayed up talking for a while, but eventually sleep won out.

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