Friday, November 27, 2009

November 14, 2009: Hawaii - Day Seven Part One

Saturday was our last day in Hawaii. We were sad to leave, but it was a fun-filled day! First, we drove to Waimea to meet Bango and Kristine for brunch. We wanted to have at least a couple of hours that was devoted to Apartment #9. The really fun part was that Kristine didn't know that Tiffany was coming, so when she walked into the restaurant she said, "Is that TIFF?!" It was awesome. I love surprises like that.

Kristine hugging Tiff after realizing it was her.

We sat down to eat, and gave Kristine and Bango their present from us. Even though I went to her shower, I held off giving her the present so that everyone else could be there. We compiled our favorite recipes into one book with pictures and the spices that went along with it.

Kristine and Bango opening their present

Most of us got the breakfast crepes, which were heavenly! We ate and talked and took pictures and grilled Bango and Kristine about their future plans.

Steeres, Gancinias, Tottens, Tiffany, Hills
Heidi, Kristine, Tiffany, Marlane, and Renae - missing: Jenn and Mikie :(

After the brunch, we went our separate ways. Dave and I took Tiffany to see Waipi'o Valley, and the Hills and Steeres went to fly in a helicopter over the waterfalls. We got packed up and headed to the reception in Honoka'a....

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