Friday, November 6, 2009

November 6, 2009: Remember Me?

It's not easy getting ready for a vacation. You would think that I would only have to pack for Dave and me, but I have to actually pack for the kids as well. And to make it really easy on the grandmas, I am trying to pack separate bags based on each location. And clean my house. And make sure all of the bills are paid.

So, you will just have to be patient on the whole "Where are pictures of Halloween?! And Ree?!" thing. It will eventually happen. It just might be lumped with a "Aren't you jealous I went to Hawaii...again?!" post.

But the number one thing I want to do today is wish my dear friends Bob and Donna a very happy anniversary. I was a bridesmaid for them 16 years ago, and at the time I had only known Donna for about 8 months so that will tell you what my friendship was like with Bob! I'm the best sister he ever had. :) I hope it is a wonderful day for you both and I love you!

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