Friday, December 18, 2009

December 6 - December 18: Food, Family, Friends, Fu7

The Fire is So Delightful...
Resting up for the big ride
This is what happens when little girls fall asleep in the car and doze for 15 minutes before being shoved out into the cold and snow to see reindeer.
Be still my heart - I want to burn this image on my brain forever. Six year old boys rule.

December 6th: First Presidency Devotional and Erin came over for dinner before heading out to Virginia for her grandfather's funeral.

December 7th: Neighborhood Cookie Exchange at my house with lots of neighbors and excellent cookies. One more reminder about how I would love to just live here forever. If I had a third car garage and we weren't North facing.

December 8th: Our home teacher came over and gave us a very memorable lesson that I plan to plagiarize and use in my lesson this month.

December 9th: Birthday party for a friend at Cheesecake Factory. I love strong and independent women!

December 10th: Surprise Baby Shower for my dear friend in the neighborhood. Whenever she cries, I cry. Also found out two more friends are pregnant! Babies to snuggle and give back - wahoo!

December 11th: My work company party at Luganos Italian restaurant. It was surprisingly pleasant!

December 12th: We drove all the way up to Ogden for Great Grandpa Totten's 89th birthday party at Aunt Pennie's house. It was a lot of fun and a lot of food! Fudge should be illegal.

December 13th: It was snowing and icy and slushy and slippery in our neck of the woods so after Church we just stayed home in pajamas and snuggled.

December 14th: For Family Home Evening, we went to Thanksgiving Point to see the reindeer and the Festival of Lights. Or something like that. We had our membership card, a $2 off coupon, and a Senior (mom) in the car. The best deal we could get was $4 for our car, which was half off so I won't complain, but you would think....

December 15th: Annual Christmas Book Club! This year it was at Rachel's and as wonderful as ever. It's my favorite book club because we do a white elephant exchange and that is always entertaining. I love my book club. And we do actually read and discuss the books. And they are sometimes very through-provoking books. But, sometimes they are fluffy and I love that, too.

December 16th: I cried a bit today. It's the anniversary of my friend's baby's death. She died a year ago of SIDS. I went to her funeral and it was the saddest funeral I have ever attended. I went to visit my friend so I could hug her and cry with her.

December 17th: Dave shipped me off to a movie with my mom since he gets to go see Avatar for his work party. We saw "The Blind Side", which just might be my new favorite movie. I want to be just like Sandra Bullock's character when I grow up only more modestly dressed.

Next up: Christmas and our family reunion in sunny Arizona!


Donna Colyar said...

Wow, aren't you exhausted after such a busy month? But it was all mostly pleasant, and involved bonding with people you love. Now, come do that with us, and your holiday is complete! See you next week!

Em said...

love the pic of claira