Sunday, December 6, 2009

November 19: New Moon

Last year when Twilight premiered, my whole neighborhood went together at midnight to see it. I was in Phoenix so I didn't join them, but this year I was determined to experience the craziness. And crazy it was! For the record, I don't like the books and I hated the first movie. This was about the experience of hanging out with 50 friends at midnight. That being said, I thought New Moon was way better than Twilight. Probably because Robert Whats-his-name is barely in it. For the other record, I am firmly on Team Sam. Forget the teenagers.

My friend Allison is the organizer of the event. She's amazing!
Laurie and Paige came even after a Board of Trustees meeting that lasted several hours.

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Allison said...

Such a fun night! So glad you got to come this year!