Sunday, December 6, 2009

November 24-28: Thanksgiving Week

After being in Afghanistan for most of the year, Uncle Kelly came home for Thanksgiving. He spent a few days with us playing with the kids, taking them to the park, and baking. I loved the baking part. He is welcome to come back and do a repeat on it for Christmas (hint).

One day in a baking frenzy, he decided to make cinnamon rolls. Josh decided to help, and I couldn't resist taking pictures. It was really cute to watch them. Apparently Josh was so tired from baking and playing with Uncle Kelly that he fell asleep on the bathroom floor after his shower.

Our friends Dayna, Sara, Woodstock and Pebbles came for Thanksgiving Dinner. My mom and Uncle Kelly were there to give thanks with us as well. It was a small and quiet dinner and I have to say that I loved it for the peace! Clara and Josh loved all over Pebbles (and I did as well) and after eating we sat around talking and just enjoying the afternoon.
I didn't take many pictures - but I love this one of Clara and Pebbles snuggling.

On Saturday we spent the morning cleaning, and then after Clara's nap, headed up to Temple Square. First we stopped at Red Iguana for dinner. We were hoping that with the BYU vs. Utah game being held in Provo that there would be less traffic and fewer people. We were right! It was still crowded, but nothing like previous years. Plus it was relatively warm with no snow. The perfect night to go!
Josh and Clara in front of Red Iguana
Clara wanted to play in the water...brrrr.Dave's favorite tree at Temple Square.

In front of the Salt Lake Temple

Family picture! We don't get these too often.
The Nativity - out in the middle of the fountain. It was stunning.
Josh and Clara in front of the Salt Lake Temple
Our grown up kid!

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