Tuesday, January 5, 2010

December 19 - 22nd: Holiday Festivities

December 18th: Tonight we had Clara's dance recital. She was so cute and adorable - as all three year old girls are at their dance recitals. Dave's mom and my dad and step-mom came to the show. Bless them for their tolerance through 30 dances! Obviously Josh didn't make it very far.

December 19th: I woke up to this. Clara had decided that her hair was "too long". After shedding many many tears, I hauled her to my hair salon where they were able to fix it. It's cute, but I miss her long hair. She just looks too grown up now!

December 19th continued: For our cute friend Clara Bright's birthday, we headed downtown to Temple Square to have dinner and see the lights. We went to Rumbi Island Grill where Oliver was pleasantly surprised with the tortilla soup. Then we hopped on TRAX and went over to see the lights followed by cupcakes in the parking garage. I said to Oliver, "Did you think 10 years ago when we were getting ready for the big Y2K dance at the Hilton that in 10 years we would be in a parking garage in SLC celebrating your daughter's 3rd birthday?"

December 20th: After a wonderful Christmas Sacrament Meeting, we headed down to Orem for our annual Christmas with my cousins and aunt and uncle. We opened presents, had dinner, sang carols, butchered the "Hallelujah Chorus", and laughed a lot. It was a lot of fun.

December 21st: Blissfully, we had nothing going on tonight! So we just cleaned up a bit and Dave and I watched a movie.

December 22nd: After a wonderful birthday breakfast for my sweet friend, Laurie, I came home and worked for a while and then got my haircut. I look awesome. :)


On The Go Family said...

Wow ... I was at the Hilton with you guys that night, too. It's crazy to think it's been 10 years.

Audrey said...

I love that picture of your mom and Josh - so sweet!