Wednesday, January 20, 2010

December 23rd - The Polar Express

Mid-afternoon, we bundled up and loaded up for the drive to Heber for a ride on the Polar Express. We had a great time! All of the Tottens came with us, as well as my mom and our friend, Erin, who is Clara's Fairy Godmother. After dinner we went to Don Pedros for dinner, which is our favorite Mexican restaurant in Utah. The weather was clear and the kids loved the train.
Rob, Erin, Dave and Amabuela
Closed eyed Kelly and Curt
Clara and Josh in their cute pajamas
The hot pink pajamas add pounds! Mom with Josh and Clara
Erin, Josh and Amabuela
Clara with Ama Ancy and Papa Rick
Mom and Josh
Santa boards the train!
Santa with Josh and Clara
Clara gets her bell
The conductor punches Josh's ticket
Josh and Clara show off their bells
Mrs. Claus showed up, too!
Singing Christmas Songs
Josh gets into the singing. He learned "The Twelve Days of Christmas" at school.
The four of us in our matching pajamas. A little bit scary, but warm and comfortable!

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On The Go Family said...

Love that close-up of you and Josh. What a great photo!