Wednesday, January 20, 2010

December 24th - Christmas Eve

December 24th: We woke up early and drove down to Springville in our pajamas to have Christmas Eve morning with my parents. I didn't take pictures! Argh! Georgia made pancakes, bacon, potatoes, and berries that were delish. Then we opened presents and visited for a while before we had to head home. When we got home, Dave started making enchiladas and Clara took a nap. We had dropped Josh off at my mom's so I went ahead and started getting things ready for Christmas morning. It was pretty easy this year - nothing to assemble!

Around 4pm we headed over to Ama's house to decorate some cookies and get set up for the evening. A while later, our friends started showing up: Mert & Ken Ashby, Oliver & Kristin Christensen, Dayna & Sara Nichols, Erin McBride, and my aunt and uncle, Jack & Karen Brotherson. It was quite the party! We had enchiladas, rice, tamales, chips and salsa, and a myriad of desserts.

Dave snuggling with Anna. He loves baby snuggles.
Baby Pebbles! She is such a cutie.
Josh and Oliver playing with Connectagons.
After dinner we got the kids dressed up for the Nativity. Josh played Joseph, Clara played Mary, and Clara Bright and Woodstock played angels. There was a very funny moment when Clara Bright stole the baby Jesus from Mary and went running off down the hall. I guess every homemade Nativity has its challenges!
After Clara Bright stole the baby Jesus, Woodstock stole it from her. It was mass chaos, but we still managed to read the Nativity story and all was well in the end.
Woodstock needed to be tall as she made the angelic proclamation.
Clara was very attentive to the baby (cabbage patch) Jesus.
Josh made a cheerful and handsome Joseph.
After the Nativity, each family took a turn showcasing a Christmas talent. Woodstock, Ms. Mert, and Dayna listening to Oliver and Clara Bright sing.
Aunt Karen, Uncle Jack, and Amabuela watch the show.

Suddenly the door burst open and Santa came in yelling "Ho Ho Ho!" He sat down and started pulling out candy canes. Clara Bright swooped in and stole the first one.
The kids were a little nervous about sitting on Santa's lap.
Josh sitting on Santa's lap
Clara sitting on Santa's lap
This picture is classic! Poor Pebbles - wondering what the heck is going on!
Erin snuggling with Anna.
The traditional "Oliver's feet in Dave's lap" picture.

We wrapped things up about 8pm so that everyone could head home. It was a great evening! I'm so grateful that I got to have so many Virginia friends there - especially since they all knew each other as well!

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