Tuesday, February 2, 2010

December 26-29th: Romilomingers

It's lovely when you and your bestie and your kids and your bestie's kids (besty's?) are besties. It's lovely when you get to go and visit and the kids play and the boys have deep philosophical discussions and the girls are princesses and the baby knows just how funny he is.
Spencer-Bean reading to the princesses
Seriously so cute. I love these kids more than I can possibly express!
Bestie and I got them all matching pajamas a few months ago...just for this moment. And because we are nerds like that.
This is what outside looks like in Phoenix in December.
What a diva!
Ty-Ty is such a funny kid and he knows it.
Barefoot and in a t-shirt. Clearly she is used to much colder weather.
Cutest kids ever. I love all of their feet.
The crazy boys
Future roommates at BYU? I think so.

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