Tuesday, February 2, 2010

December 31st: New Year's Eve and Bowling

New Year's Eve morning we all decided to go bowling. This is Bob. Bob is my friend and I have known him for at least 1000 years or so. I dated his brother (Jason) in high school and we have been friends ever since. He's like a big bossy brother. It's awesome. I didn't get a picture of Donna, but I will say that these guys are family to me.
We actually went bowling with Jason's kids and mom, but Jason had to work. They are pretty cool kids.
Josh apparently thought that bowling included laying on the floor and watching the ball go.
Clara "granny bowled" but loved it. Especially after we put the bumpers up.

After bowling, Dave and I ran downtown to America's Taco Shop (it was worth the drive) to get a gozillion carne asada burritos and tacos. Our little group inhaled them with a vengeance and then laid around in a coma all afternoon watching movies. We eventually got up and drove to Glendale for the launch of our Earl Family Reunion. It was the Earl Branch that got to plan it this year, and they did an exceptional job. We had a big New Year's Eve party at the church complete with munchies, a huge breakfast, playrooms with dressups, rockband, etc. It was a lot of fun!
Mandy and Darin's family. I love Mitch's expression!
We also had a talent show - Amabuela, Josh and Clara represented our family. Clara was wearing a fairy dress.
Uncle David and Carson performed a duet.
Jordan and Langley performed "Popular" from Wicked
Audrey and Bonnie played a duet on the piano. We are all awesome performers (said by someone who didn't perform and we are all glad of that).
At 11pm or so, we celebrated the new year with balloons flying everywhere, kazoos, and beads. It was very mardi gras.
I don't know where she found this outfit. When we arrived she was wearing her own clothes and I didn't see them on her again until we left.
Josh was in heaven with all of the balloons. He was trying to pop them. I was in heaven talking non-stop with all of my cousins.

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